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Common Ground CD


Written and Produced by Steve and Brooke Schiavi.

This contemporary, easy listening American Indian music is also traditional and folk as well as acoustical. Truly inspiring and thought provoking. Brekah's Dream is excellent for meditation.

Track List
1. 500 Years
2. Moon Dancer
3. Crazy Horse
4. Spirit Dancer
5. Buffalo Nation
6. Weekend Warrior
7. Ghost Dancer
8. Ghost Road
9. Jesus
10. Seventh Star
11. Brekah's Dream
12. Imagine
13. Circle Dance
14. Prophecy

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Price: $14.04

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Native American Meditations CD


Produced by Steve and Brooke Schiavi

Hear the words of Black Elk, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, and other respected Native teachers, Sun Dance Leaders, Holy Men, and Medicine People as spoken by their descendants and family relations.

Native American Meditations completely performed, recorded and photographed in the sacred Black Hills by Lakota, Dineh/Navajo, Chumash, Cherokee, and other Native Americans.

These moving meditations with contemplative tribal music are presented in deluxe wrap-around packaging with a beautiful 12-page color booklet.

In addition to spoken word, the record features cedar flute/singing by Eli Battese, additional traditional instrumentation and authentic sounds of nature recorded live on location, including thunderstorm, stream and more.

Of special interest is the inclusion of the first-ever recorded performance of “Lakota Woman’s Power Song,” sung by Nyla Helper, and an excerpt from the “Beauty Way”, a traditional Dineh (Navajo) chant shared in both original Dineh language and English in alternating lines.

“From the colorful jacket cover with it’s fold out pages full of beautiful pictures of Buffalo and the Black Hills of South Dakota to the wise words of Crazy Horse, Tecumseh and Chief Seattle, all packaged in the most impressive way I have seen, I am impressed! It is a teaching way in itself that may CD’s designs lack.

The CD is the real jewel of this precious flower. It begins with Grandmother and her Grandson asking how we know what is right? From the moment I heard their words, I was captivated. Native American Meditations is a seven-course meal cooked and prepared with much love and heartfelt grace.”

Nominated for a Grammy in 2000 for Spoken Word Album.

Track List
1. Grandmother Narration #1
2. Lakota Woman's Power Song
3. Behold
4. I See the Earth
5. Spiritual Power
6. You have Noticed
7. When One Touches
8. Man Is
9. Once I Was In
10. As I Stood
11. Do Not Grieve
12. Grandmother Narration #2
13. The Butterfly
14. We Stand and Turn
15. The Color of Skin
16. Thanks
17. Upon Suffering
18. There are Four Ways
19. House Made of Dawn
20. Grandmother Narration #3
21. Lakota Thunder Song

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Price: $19.99

Sacred Fire: We’re All The Same CD


Written and produced by Steve Schiavi.

“Beneath our differences, we are all the same. We are the children of the Creator, by whatever name we know that Power. There are countless stars but there is only one sky. There are many trees, rocks and waters, but only one Earth. When we learn to celebrate this fact, those things, which separate us, will become the bonds that unite us.” Wolfsong 7 Tracks, 7 minutes each. Native American Meditation, Flutes Drums and Ambient Sounds. “I Believe music can stir the soul and invoke a feeling or energy that can be used to journey to a healing place, if created, recorded and produced with the right intention. Steve, Brooke and Allen are achieving this ‘Healing Place’ in Sacred Fire. Mood inspiring using guitars, Native American Love Flute and keyboard effects used to bring the listener into the direction of the song. Just when I thought it could not get better a man’s voice begins to chant and my heart quickened. I highly recommend Sacred Fire for anyone’s collection.”

Tim Spotted Wolf Program Coordinator and host of “Music From The Turtles Back” on WRBC 91.5 FM, Lewiston, Maine.

Track List
1. East
4. North
5. Sky
6. Earth
7. Center

Price includes shipping and handling.
Price: $14.09

Shadow Dancer CD


Written, produced, performed and recorded by Steve and Brooke Schiavi.

"Burning Sky," Robbie Robertson and Alice Gomez come to mind as I listen to the latest CD to come my way from Brooke and Steve Schiavi. Brooke and Steve Schiavi have created another incredible collection of contemporary compilations (don't say that to fast!) on their latest CD titled "Shadow Dancer." With songs like "Eye Of The Storm," "The Spirit Within" and "Global Transformations" this CD transcends various states of consciousness and mood by assisting the listener through the amazing power and use of soundscape, melody and instrumental composition.

I found the music to be Joyful, bluesy, rockish and thought provoking. It made me reflect on the goodness of my life and the gifts that the Shadow Dancer brings to us.

As I listened to song 4 while riding my mountain bike along an old abandoned railroad bed, I felt energized. The music helped me keep my internal fire alive even when I became tired. I was amazed when later I read the back cover and saw the title of this song. It is called "Celestial Fire." Song 6, called "Transitions" also seemed to conjure up a mood we all feel once in awhile. That of the feeling of oncoming changes and new beginnings.

In my humble opinion, this CD is well composed, performed and recorded. Another fine example of quality from Brooke and Steve Schiavi.

Once again I feel compelled to say to the mainstream music industry - Brace yourselves! Clear out some shelves in your stores and start stocking this music. Native American music is now standing tall because of hard work by people like Brooke, Steve. Perhaps this to is also a message brought to us from the winds on the wings of Shadow Dancer.

Societies are often depicted best by the music each produces. Indigenous music from North America is a fast growing music that deserves a listen. Walk in balance!

Tim Spotted Wolf Host and producer of "Music from the Turtles Back." WRBC 91.5 FM, Lewiston, Maine.

Track List
1. Shadow Dancer
2. Eye of the Storm
3. Dancing on the Wind
4. The Spirit Within
5. Celestial Fire
6. Transitions
7. Illusions
8. Global Transformations
9. Blue Thunder
10. Blue Star Spirit

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Price: $14.14

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